• Statement

    My work starts with wood frames that I cover in vintage paper. The paper is very important knowing how each page will react with different paint colors and resin. Layering the different styles of old paper and book pages in just the right way adds the perfect background to start painting.
    I love to spend time in the library going through the picture files and wildlife books getting ready to start new work.
    I don’t start with a sketch or a full idea I simply start with one character then begin to build from there. Watching the story unfold as if I am working from an old fable telling it as I go. I always look forward to the end result, seeing the narrative for the first time.
    My paintings continue to evolve and change as I do, I look forward to the evolution of both.

  • Augen Gallery

    I'm proud to be part of Augen Gallery.
    I have new work available there every month.
    Please contact them with any questions.

    The difference between the people who take simple total delight in a magic trick, as opposed to those who are both skeptical and sometimes even annoyed that they have been “tricked” at all. Given the choice, I would prefer to be the one in the audience clapping hardest.

    Jonathan Carroll